Pineapple Images is a boutique Wedding & Lifestyle Photography studio based on the Gold Coast..

Headed up by Eliza.. photographer and owner.

My team and I love what we do.. & working together to provide a perfect capture of photography & film for our couples.

I have always been my toughest critic, every set of images & now films I & the team produce, I want to be the most amazing & special captures for you because that's what I would want & I think everyone deserves that.

Weddings swept me off my feet.. I never set out to predominately be a wedding photographer, the job ended up chosing me.. the first looks & total elation surrounding the day is addictive.. I shoot to capture LOVE.. I have my finger on the shutter all day to document those 'real' moments..

I feel so blessed to be on this path & am honoured to have been invited into over 300 weddings now by awesome couples to capture their love & commitment..

What I really want you to know, is giving you perfect wedding photos is as important to me as it is to you...

email me or call to catch up to see if we could be the right fit for your day..

Hope to hear from you soon.

I prefer to let my work do the talking, but if you're interested here is a bit more about me..

I studied photography at University completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photography) 14 years ago. Nothing of what I learnt there prepared me to be a wedding photographer, that's where experience & passion came in.. I cannot help but constantly strive to be a better photographer & provide a better service through my growing experience in this amazing ever-changing industry..

I have 2 boys, Kelley is 8! & Little Zeke is nearly 3..

I strive to be the happiest & best version of myself & a huge part of that revolves around me being proud of my work..

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